We always opt for the best position, assuring your a safe deal, and facilitating the real estate operation.

From the Buyer side:

+ We review the legal situation of the property, prior to the purchase and sale (checks in the Property Registry, cadastral, community, and planning licenses, etc.)

+We can draft preliminary contracts in the purchase and sale: Purchase Reservation Deposit etc.

+Legal advice and negotiation of the financing of the sale.

+Drafting of contracts and assistance in signing the sale before a Notary Public

+Entry in the Property Registry.

+More favorable tax advice.

+Court claim for housing not built or delivered on time.

+Processing inheritances.

+Issues in the Construction and Responsibility of Building Agents.

+Indemnities related to construction law.

+Advice on Noise Levels. (Acoustic contamination)

+Advice to foreign citizens on the acquisition of properties in Spain.

From the Seller's Side:

+Town-planning Regularization and Legalization in order to maximize the profit of the Sale.

+Drafting and Negotiation with the other party, in order to prepare pre-sale documents.

+Processing inheritances.

+Purchase and Sale Agreements and Leases. Evictions for non-payment of rent. Contract Resolution for works undertaken without permission.

+Court proceedings for marking delimitations and boundaries on land plots.

+Judicial, Dismissal, and Extension Procedures.

+Land Expropriations.

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